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New Taipei Volunteer Police Building Inaugurated in Wanhua District

Mayor and police officials at the inauguration of the volunteer police buildingOn April 14, Mayor Ko Wen-je arrived at Changsha Street in Wanhua District to inaugurate the New Taipei City Volunteer Police Division Building.
Commander Chiang Chun-chieh of the volunteer police division joined other dignitaries in witnessing the unveiling of the facility’s new plaque.
During his address, the mayor expressed his gratitude to the contributions of the Taipei City Volunteer Police Division to the community. He pointed out that the force consisting of 3,290-strong was established in 1968. It has assisted the city’s police force in many areas, setting a paramount example of police-citizen cooperation.
Over the past 50 years, the volunteer police division supported local police in carrying out operations ranging from security maintenance to traffic directing to neighborhood patrols. The help of volunteer police is invaluable, since it is difficult for the standard police force to carry out many of its duties given the officer shortage of the police department.
Ko pointed out that after renovations, the former building housing the officers of Wanhua Police Precinct is now officially the headquarters of the volunteer police division. Not only does this move introduce new vitality to the urban scene, it also helps to stimulate community development in the district.