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GEO Conducts Safety Check for Baishihu Suspension Bridge after Quake

In light of the M 6.3 earthquake at 9:42 AM on April 20, the Geotechnical Engineering Office (GEO) of Taipei City Government Public Works Department immediately commissioned professional engineers to conduct an inspection check on Baishihu Suspension Bridge on the same day.
Located in Neihu district, the Baishihu Suspension Bridge is a relatively well-known tourist attraction in the area and a landmark in the district. To ensure the safety of the bridge, GEO conducts regular inspections twice every month on the bridge infrastructure and surrounding slopes.
All inspections are conducted by professional engineers with specialized instruments and all inspection records are kept on file to ensure follow-ups and facilitate future maintenance.
In addition, flexible inspection measures are also in place before and after typhoons and heavy downpours. This helps to boost public confidence regarding the integrity of the suspension bridge.
According to GEO Section Chief Chen, in addition to examining bridge structures such as the main cables and support beams, the agency has installed slope observation devices at the two ends of the 116-meter-long suspension bridge, including six dip circles, two observation wells, and inclined tubes to check for hazards such as possible erosion or landslides in surrounding areas.