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SSO Balcony Garden Project Wins Taipei Garden City Awards

Mayor Ko with representatives of SSO at this year's award ceremonyThe award ceremony for the winners of the 2022 Taipei Garden City Award took place at Songshan Cultural and Creative Park on September 22.
Among the winners, the Sewerage Systems Office (SSO) claimed the High Distinction award in the “Unique Landscape Award” Category under the Public Agency Division. The garden encompasses the outdoor balcony area located in the west wing on the fourth floor of city hall building. The facility was also the recipient of Excellence Award under the same category in 2020 and 2021.
Director Tsai of the SSO Secretariat noted that the agency’s rooftop garden was established in September of 2019. The agency worked with the Department of Urban Development to set up 92 racks to place boxes and pots for raising plants. Over the past 3 years, the staff of the department invested much time into taking care of the rooftop garden and plants. Avoiding the use of chemical fertilizers, the amateur gardeners utilized kitchen waste, fruits, and other kinds of organic materials to create natural fertilizers.
One of the agency staff members surnamed Ciou pointed out that the garden is a place where employees can take a break from work and enjoy the pleasure of raising various plants. The result is evident to those visiting the garden, and agency staff will often exchange experience and knowhow with each other as they work on the outdoor greens on the balcony.
According to SSO, the rooftop garden is a place for workers to relax while expanding the greens in an environment surrounded by cement and high-rises.