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Mayor Attends End-of-the-year Banquet at Neihu Technology Park

Mayor Chiang at the end-of-the-year banquet at Neihu Technology ParkOn January 4, Mayor Chiang Wan-an attended the end-of-the-year banquet organized by the Neihu Technology Park Development Association. 


During his address, the mayor praised the important role of the tech park in Taiwan’s economy. Since opening its doors in 1996, the Neihu Technology Park has become the home to over 6,700 foreign and domestic companies, as well as the workplace for over 210,000 workers. It generates roughly NT$1.2 trillion in output value. Such outstanding performance can only be achieved with the help of every worker and every company in the park.


Chiang expressed his gratitude to the Neihu Technology Park Development Association for contributing to the park’s success. He lauded the organization for serving as a bridge between private companies and the government, as well as providing city hall with valuable suggestions on the park’s future prospects and long-term development directions.


Another point of emphasis for the mayor is solving the traffic congestion issue for the science park. Chiang stressed that there are still many challenges in the area of transportation. That is why on the fifth day of work, he led a delegation consisting of Deputy Mayor Lee and officials from the transportation and police departments to visit the neighborhood. A task force was immediately formed to explore possible solutions and strategies. 


He stressed that the short-term plan is to keep intersections clear and boost the presence of uniformed officers. Citing the case of Tiding Boulevard, an increased presence of cops helped alleviate the problem of vehicles remaining stuck at the intersections even during green light. For the medium term, he identified quality public transportation as the key to attracting commuters and giving them a reason to give up driving to work. Likewise, the construction of the new MRT line and convincing companies to adjust work hours are all parts of the long-term plan. 


In conclusion, Chiang stressed that the process will take a long time and have impacts on different levels. It is not something the mayor can solve alone and will require input of the entire administrative team. He looks forward to working with all partners in Neihu Technology Park to make positive changes and create a better traffic environment for everyone and daily life even more convenient.