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Minsheng and Shilin Water Pumping Stations to Be Upgraded with New Facilities

Minsheng and Shilin Water Pumping Stations to Be Upgraded with New FacilitiesTo enhance Taipei’s flood control capacity, the Minsheng and Shilin pumping stations will be upgraded accordingly. The catchment areas of both pumping stations combined will reach 332.75 hectares, and their pumping capacity will be increased. From December through April, when flood risks are at their lowest, the stations’ pumps will be progressively replaced. The entire upgrade will be completed by June 2020. 
The Hydraulic Engineering Office (HEO) of the Taipei City Government’s Public Works Department stated that the Minsheng Pumping Station covers the area bordered by Chang'an West Road to the south, Jinzhou Street to the north, Chifeng Street to the west, and Xinsheng North Road Section 2 to the east. The station’s catchment area is 69.75 hectares and it forms one zone with the catchment area of Guangneng Borough in Datong District.
The River Engineering Section of HEO pointed out that some sections of Chifeng Street are at significantly higher elevation than its neighboring alleys and roads. When precipitation levels fill the drainage system and the road surfaces, it may exceed the system’s current drainage capacity and flooding is possible. For this reason, HEO has decided to upgrade the water pumps of Minsheng Pumping Station. The five current pumps with 3CMS (ton/second) pumping capacities will be replaced with five pumps of 4CMS (ton/second) pumping capacity. This will greatly improve the station’s total pumping capacity, from 15 tons per second to 20 tons per second. The pumps will also be placed at a lower level, which will further improve flood protection for the surrounding neighborhoods.
It added that the equipment of the Shilin Pumping Station will be renewed as well. The drainage system of this station is located at the junction of the Keelung River and the Shuang Stream in the northern part of Taipei City. Its catchment area is bordered by the mountain area with Ming Chuan University and the CKS Shilin Residence Park to its west, Keelung River with Shezi Island to the east, Shuang Stream with Fulin Pumping Station to the south, and the Jiantan Pumping Station’s system with Chengde Road Section 4 and Fude Road to the north. This catchment area covers 263 hectares.
The HEO will replace the station’s 10 current water pumps of 5.1 CMS (ton/second) capacity with 10 pumps of 5.5 CMS (ton/second) capacities each. This will increase the station’s total pumping capacity from 51 tons per second to 55 tons per second and solve the cumbersome maintenance and repairs of this old water pump station, as replacement parts are becoming increasingly difficult to find.
The pumping stations make up the first line of flood prevention and control in Greater Taipei. The HEO’s pump upgrade project for the Minsheng and Shilin pumping stations is currently in the tendering stage. To maintain the required pumping capacity during flood season, the water pumps will be gradually replaced during the non-flood period from December 2019 to April 2020. The entire renewal project is expected to be completed by June 2020 to offer continued and improved protection of the lives and property of Taipei’s residents.