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Mayor Takes Part in Mountain Cleanup Event

Standing before a gathering of volunteers at Songshan Cihui Temple, Mayor Ko Wen-je kicked off the 2015 Mountain Cleanup and Hike for Ten-thousand Participants on April 19.
During his address, the mayor lauded the event for offering many incentives for participants. By taking part in the event to help clean up the environment, the participants contribute to environmental protection efforts while making themselves more fit through hiking. In addition, they can also bring home prizes by donating their uniform invoice while enjoying a free meal provided by the organizer.
He believes that the cleanup event will not only help keep Tiger Mountain clean, but also purify the souls of people.
Responding to media questions after conducting warm-ups, the mayor admitted that he is not very good at motor coordination so he needs more practice. As for hiking, he remarked that he has no special habit – he simply keeps moving his two legs.
When asked about how confident he is about the upcoming Taipei 101 stair-climbing race, Ko stressed that he will not run, since walking slowly will still assure that he reaches the goal.