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COVID-Positive Drive-thru Clinic Opens up at Beitou-Shilin Technology Park

Drive-thru clinic at Beitou-Shilin Tech Park.To offer residents more options for COVID screening, the city government has set up the “COVID Rapid Test Positive Drive-thru Clinic” at the Beitou-Shilin Technology Park on May 4.
Individuals who tested positive on home self-test kits can bring the specimen and test strip to the COVID-positive Drive-thru Clinic at Beitou-Shilin Technology Park by either driving, riding a motorcycle, or walking to receive further PCR screening. Those who show symptoms can remain in the vehicle while proceeding through the stages of screening, outpatient, and medication pickup. This ensures minimal physical contact during the process, as well as freeing up more hospital resources for patients with more severe symptoms.
Due to the growing number of domestic COVID patients, Mayor Ko Wen-je instructed Taipei City Hospital (TCH) to replicate its experience from the former Dajia Riverside Station Screening Station to establish the COVID-positive Drive-thru Clinic at Beitou-Shilin Technology Park within three days.
The outdoor testing site boasts massive space, as well as detail customization to specifically accommodate people who tested positive on their self-tests. The facility promises higher efficiency in responding to these individuals compared to hospital emergency rooms, while reducing the risk of spread given the ample room.
The hours of the COVID-positive Drive-thru Clinic is 8 AM through 8 PM, Monday through Sunday. Staff will rotate in three separate shifts, including 8 AM – noon, noon – 4 PM, and 4 PM – 8 PM. There will be 4 doctors, 6 nurses, 2 pharmacists, and 5 administrative personnel on each shift. People who plan to visit the drive-thru clinic should book an appointment via the TCH website beforehand.
The mayor reminds the public that the COVID-positive Drive-thru Clinic only accepts visits by people who TESTED POSITIVE on their home test.