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MAO Achieves Outstanding Results in Food Safety Guideline Implementation

Mayor Ko with market representatives at the award ceremonyIn compliance with city government policies, the Markets Administration Office (MAO) plays an important role in implementing improvements such as upgrading hardware and software of public markets, introducing modernized management, promoting separation of wet and dry areas, banning of melamine-containing disposable utensils, and enforcing the “keep trash off the ground” policy. 
In 2020, the agency introduced food safety guidelines to city markets, with the Department of Health (DOH) proactively promoting the GHP guidelines at major public markets such as the Nanmen Temporary Market, Dalong, and Huanan Temporary Market.
It selected Shidong Market in Shilin as a demonstration market for GHP guidelines. During the demo period, specialized food safety inspection team visited the market to provide suggestions on the market’s hardware and software to better comply with GHP guidelines. After MAO instruct the market’s self-governing association and vendors to implement improvements, it invited staff members from DOH for a final round of inspections. Through this approach, a total of 2,000 vendors across 4 markets have all passed GHP evaluations.
To recognize the 4 public markets for successfully implementing food safety guidelines, DOH invited Mayor Ko Wen-je to preside over an award presentation ceremony at the Nanmen Temporary Market on September 22. Representatives from the respective markets’ self-governing associations received the plaques from the mayor himself.
Building upon the success this year, MAO will continue to promote the GHP guidelines to other public markets through training programs, scheduled inspection, and other measures. Its efforts will improve food safety and hygiene standards at public markets, providing citizens with locations where they can shop and dine with confidence.