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Taipei, New Taipei Join Hands to Integrate Emergency Medical System

Mayor Ko Wen-je presided over a press event on the coordination of Greater Taipei’s trauma care resources at Emergency Operations Center of Taipei on December 28.
Ko pointed out that experience and statistics suggest that time is an important factor for trauma treatment. Delivering “the right patient to the right place at the right time” will increase the patient’s chances of survival.
The mayor noted that his belief in the necessity to create an integrated emergency medical system for the capital-centered living circle has been strengthened following the Formosa Water Park explosion incident. As a result, he has been working to coordinate the resources of a total of 11 medical centers across Taipei New Taipei.
Through the effort, Ko reckoned that ambulances in the Greater Taipei will be more efficiently dispatched and injured patients will receive more timely treatment. The model, if successful, can be emulated in other municipalities.
In addition to improving standard operation procedures for emergency medical services, Taipei will also digitize ambulance transport records and use Key Performance Indicators to evaluate the effectiveness of the system to maximize the use of resources.
With the implementation of the coordinated emergency trauma care system, Taipei Fire Department noted that in the future, a trauma victim will not necessarily be transported to the nearest hospital but to the most appropriate medical facility based on his/her injury severity score calculated by the computer.