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DOE Showcase Results of Experimental English Program for Kindergartens

Kindergarten teachers participating in the program at the wrap-up presentation.In an effort to incorporate English into kindergarten education, the Department of Education (DOE) held a wrap-up presentation at Xinsheng Elementary School for the 2020 Taipei City Kindergarten Curriculum Incorporation of English Language Education Experimental Project. The project was implemented by a total of 16 kindergartens across Taipei last year.
With the introduction of the experimental program in August of 2016, the city government seeks to merge English language coursework into the school activities of kindergarteners such as games, recesses, classroom themes and topics, or other forms at the participating institutions. Through these activities, the program seeks to stimulate the interest of children in English, as well as the culture behind the language.
Furthermore, the Department of Early Childhood Education at the University of Taipei has been commissioned by the city government to hold workshops for teachers in related areas since February of 2017. Under the instructions of professor Lu Wen-yueh, the program has successfully trained 27 seed teachers at non-profit kindergartens.
The Chief Secretary of Education Wu Chin-sheng presided over the session and presented the certificate of completion to the course participants, encouraging them to bring what they have learned at the workshop back to their respective schools and implement the knowledge and knowhow. The teachers also shared their experience in 5 areas of English curriculum integration: through routine activities, children’s songs, children’s books, dedicated learning areas, and teachers themselves.
In line with the city government’s policy of transforming Taipei into an “English-friendly City,” the DOE led the nation in releasing an achievement report in 2019 on the Kindergarten Curriculum Incorporation of English Language Education Experimental Project. The publication provides details on the program’s objectives, methods, faculty qualifications, implementation guidelines, resources, and more. The results of English language curriculum integration will bring Taipei closer to realizing its vision of becoming a truly global city.