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Mayor Embarks on Homestay Trip to Shezidao

In light of the lingering issue of Shezidao’s development, Mayor Ko Wen-je arrived at the community to take part in a homestay on November 27. He stressed that the primary objective of the homestay is to demonstrate the city’s resolve in dealing with Shezidao’s problems.
Arriving at the homestay location at 4 PM, the mayor immediately set out to learn more about the problem of one door number serving multiple households. He also stopped by Shung Hung Corporation, a company that specializes in the manufacturing of chairs, to learn about local industry environment.
The mayor noted that any small matter for residents should be treated as major concern by the government. Throughout the process of developing Shezidao, everyone will encounter their respective challenges. The important thing is that there must be a contact window, to collect questions that could be discussed during the meetings at the mayor’s office.
Regarding the postponement of i-voting implementation to after Chinese New Year in 2016, the mayor stressed that the main reason is that there are still many problems, and he believes that the voting would be pointless if locals have not been thoroughly informed. Therefore, he prefers that the residents acquire a better “picture” of the issues before they vote.
The mayor enjoyed a dinner in front of the local religious center. His dinner, a typical “meal of gratitude” commonly seen during religious occasions, is the food dedicated as offering to the deities which is later provided to temple visitors, symbolizing the gods’ blessings.
During the meeting with local residents, Urban Development Commissioner Lin Jou-min presented three proposals in his presentation. The mayor stressed that his main purpose is to hear what locals have to say. Apologizing for the forty-five-year-long ban on development, Ko promised to use the most effort to solve the problem posed by the building restriction.