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Mayor Inspects Privately-managed Public Childcare Center in Nangang District

Mayor Chiang playing with a toddler at the Nangang Privately-managed Public Childcare CenterOn March 13, Mayor Chiang Wan-an arrived at the Nangang Privately-managed Public Childcare Center to inspect the service provided by center personnel and the learning progress of toddlers. 


Led by teachers working at the center, the mayor observed how kids learn and play with educational tools and toys. These devices help toddlers develop their hands and brain, and he praised the center’s staff for their effort and devotion to toddlers’ eductaion. 


During his address at the center, Chiang remarked that he is very glad for the opportunity to visit the childcare center and learn more about the work environment of the staff. He is also please to meet the kids. As a parent, he and his wife have devoted a lot of time into taking care of his three kids – especially the two who are less than two years old. Describing the chaotic scene to get the kids ready every morning, he understands how demanding it may be for workers at the center.


In addition to inspecting the work environment, he also brought good news from city hall to all staff working at Taipei’s government-commissioned childcare center. The new starting salary will jump to NT$38,000. From the original starting salary of MT$34,000, the pay moved up to NT$35,485 last year thanks to the central government’s support. 


Furthermore, to ensure a quality learning environment for toddlers and lessen the burden on educators, the city government will seek to adjust the preschool teacher/student ratio at the government-commissioned childcare centers from 1:5 to 1:4.


Currently, there are 81 childcare service providers in Taipei City. In the future, the city government hopes to increase the number to 103. This will boost service volume from 1,700 infants and toddlers to 2,200. At the same time, the city government also hopes to optimize the work environment by providing more pay and creating better working conditions for teachers. This will also help to raise retention rate of educators, allowing them to better serve working parents across the city.