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Maokong Gondola to Suspend Operation for Annual Checkup June 8 – 21

Mayor Chiang at the opening ceremony for the Ximending Visitor CenterThe annual checkup for the Maokong Gondola will begin on Thursday, June 8. Taipei Rapid Transit Corporation (TRTC) will suspend the operations of the gondola between June 8 and 21 for the 14-day-long maintenance work and inspection. The facility will reopen on Thursday, June 22.


The targets of the inspection this year will include: maintenance of hydraulic cylinders, support motors, wheel gasket, emergency break control unit, electric switch cylinder and rod; replacement of outdated equipment; repainting of rusted parts support columns T-15 through T-17, and tests covering power, load capacity, and operation systems. 


Since operation of the Maokong Gondola began in 2007, TRTC conducts annual inspections of the facility in accordance with the recommendation of the manufacturer to provide riders with a safe and secure environment. Due to the massive number of staff and equipment mobilized and the complex inspection and test procedures, the process takes multiple days. However, it is necessary to ensure that all required steps are carried out appropriately. 


Typically, the annual checkup of the gondola takes place between May and June. To avoid possible impact of storm season in the mountains, the company selected the two-week period between June 8 and 21 for this year’s inspection. 


The average annual system availability of the Maokong Gondola for 2022 reached 99.98%, compared to 99.995% in 2021. It is one of the most stable gondola among similar systems worldwide manufactured by POMA.


For more information, please call TRTC’s 24-hour customer hotline or visit the company’s Chinese website (https://www.metro.taipei/).