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Four Four South Village Unveils New After Dark Light Show

Mayor at the press conference for Four Four South Village’s light show.Thanks to the sponsorship from Nan Shan Life Insurance Corporation, Good Cho’s Cultural Creativity Studio kicked-off Taiwan’s first 3-year-long outdoor artistic illumination show taking place at the Four Four South Village. Mayor Ko Wen-je attended the press event introducing the first season of the illumination performance “LIGHT UP: Light at South Village” by artist Ray on February 10.
During his address, the mayor pointed out that Four Four South Village is Taipei’s first military dependents’ village in Taipei City. Following the overhaul of the settlement, the village has become a major attraction in Xinyi District. The complex currently houses the Xinyi Parent-child Play Center, a cultural artifact exhibition hall, Good Cho’s store, and PLAYground Theater, as well as a number of trendy crafts shops and restaurants.
In an effort to bring a livelier atmosphere to the village after sunset, Good Cho’s proposed plans for a long-lasting outdoor illumination project. The plan seeks to create a memorable and modern art showcase on the surface of these historical buildings, merging art and history. The fusion of new and traditional culture is ambitious; even more, the show is can be considered a forerunner and a pilot project for the 2023 Taiwan Lantern Festival in Taipei.
Ko pointed out that unlike other municipalities whose lantern festival exhibitions are held at large outdoor venues, Taipei City is packed with buildings and skyscrapers, making it almost impossible to find a space big enough to accommodate events of such scale. That is why the city government is actively exploring ways to maximize the use of venues with limited space to provide visitors a unique urban experience: Events using illumination technology is one of such efforts.
The mayor also praised Nan Shan Life Insurance for taking up sponsorship of ambitious projects proposed by up-and-coming talents. Over the next 3 years, the illumination light performance at Four Four South Village will become a stage for young artists to demonstrate their creativity, which is also in line with Taipei’s core belief of maintaining a sustainable environment.