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City Receives Donation of 2,000 Portable Hearing Amplifiers

Mayor Chiang accepting the donation of portable hearing aidsOn September 4, Mayor Chiang Wan-an attended a charity press conference. He expressed his gratitude to City Council Speaker Tai Hsi-chin, Huang Chang Development, Jitian Land Development, Jiaoxi Rotary Club, and Digibionic Lifestyle Corporation for generously donating 2,000 portable hearing amplifiers to those in need.

During his address, the mayor noted that the city government continues to provide support for disabled individuals. As of the end of July, there are roughly 117,000 disabled individuals living in Taipei. Among these, approximately 13,000 people suffer from hearing impairments. As senior citizens account for 75% of those with hearing difficulties, the city government is grateful for the timely assistance provided by the group from the private sector. He also thanked Speaker Tai for helping the two sides connect and enabling the donation.

Chiang pointed out that through public-private partnership, the hard-of-hearing can utilize the hearing aid to make his or her daily life more convenient and enjoyable. Unfortunately, the equipment is quite costly. A member from his wife’s family had to travel from Yilan to Taipei to look for hearing device. In addition to checking out the shops one-by-one, he learned that the price of such device can easily exceed NT$100,000. This is not affordable for families with standard income.

The mayor stressed that the hearing aid donated by the group is the only local brand that meets medical device standards in Taiwan. Individuals with related needs can visit the designated site and pick up a device – as long as he or she meets the eligibility requirements. The service is speedy and free of charge, hoping to benefit those with actual needs for the hearing aid.

He hopes the donation will spread a message of compassion and emanate positive energies – from Taipei City to across the globe, allowing those who need hearing devices to enjoy the vibrant world once again.