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Mayor Speaks at Forum on Smart City Transitions in Post-pandemic World

Mayor and guests at the forumMayor Ko Wen-je attended the 2020 Taipei Post-pandemic Era Smart City Digital Governance Forum on September 8. The event invited representatives from the academic and industry sectors to share their thoughts on how to assist Taipei to undergo digital transformation and help the public adapt to a post-pandemic world and revival of the economy.
During his address, the mayor remarked that the most important global event this year is without doubt COVID-19. It has a tremendous impact upon areas spanning medical care system to people’s daily life. He pointed out Taiwan showed outstanding performance in its pandemic prevention plans, in part thanks to lessons learned from the 2003 SARS crisis.
Ko mentioned that the responses after encountering a problem is the way to ensure that the nation will show better performance in the future. Judging from daily update from the Department of Health on COVID-19 cases around the world, it seems to him that the world is still in the midst of the pandemic, with daily number of new cases bordering 250,000 people. There is a high possibility that the trend will not stop anytime soon, hence the birth of the term “New Normal.”
Believing that there’s no way to return to the good old days, Ko stressed the importance of coexisting with COVID-19. The more accurate description of the government’s strategy of pandemic prevention, relief, and revitalization is probably “pandemic prevention, relief, and transition”.
According to the mayor, transition is the most important aspect and is directly related to the development of technology. The best way to beat competition is to upgrade the industry, making both hardware and software stronger than before. The meeting will focus on how to encourage social transition through emerging tech such as 5G, AI, and big data.