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Blooming Sea of Flowers to Greet Visitors at Guting Riverside Park

The time is right to visit Guting Riverside Park!
According to the Hydraulic Engineering Office (HEO), visitors at the Guting Riverside Park will have the opportunity to witness a blooming sea of flowers from today until mid-April.
To encourage residents to visit the riverside, HEO planted a wide variety of flowers ensuring blooming landscape across the season. The sea of flowers exists in harmony with various public art pieces placed along the paths, including a huge picture frame landmark and giant alphabets spelling out the word “L.O.V.E”. In addition, decorations such as heart-shape arches and white roman-style pillars transform the surroundings into inspiring scenes for photographers.
For those who seek opportunities for a little workout, bicycle rental is available at the nearby Jingfu Bicycle Rental Station. For parents with young kids, there are options ranging from child-transport bicycles to balance bikes for young learners available at the rental shop.
Getting there: Take the metro to MRT Gongguan Station. Leave via Exit 4 and proceed in the direction of Siyuan Street. You will reach the riverside park after a short walk.