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Beitou Incinerator Holds Sapling Giveaway to Celebrate Arbor Day

The chimney of Beitou Incineration PlantTo promote Taipei’s goal of achieving Net Zero in 2050 and commemorating Arbor Day, the Department of Environment Protection’s Beitou Incineration Plant will organize a sapling giveaway event on March 10.


The agency has prepared a total of 200 saplings to distribute to the public. Those interested in picking up a free sapling can come to the plaza in front of the chimney and queue up before 9:30 AM. Each sapling will come with a complimentary Beitou Incineration Plant’s original soil conditioner. The giveaway is limited to one sapling per individual. 


According to Beitou Incineration Plant, the saplings given away during the event are provided by the Council of Agriculture’s Luodong Forestry Office. The different types of saplings include Tashiro’s Hawthorn and Wulai Azale. These shrubs are ideal plants to add to one’s home garden.


In addition, the observatory restaurant at the incineration plant will offer a 22% discount and a small souvenir for patrons dining at the facility on the day of the event. Located on the top of plant’s chimney, the facility completes a rotation every 90 minutes while offering guests a panoramic view of the surrounding and landmarks such as Datun Mountain and Guanyin Mountain.


For more information, please visit the Chinese website of the Beitou Incineration Plant (https://www.ptrip.gov.taipei/Default.aspx) or call the facility at (02) 2836-0050, ext. 103 (Mr. Yang).