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Mayor: Fall-Winter COVID-19 Prevention Program to be Enforced

Deputy Mayor Huang Shan-shan speaking at a press conferenceIn light of the recent surge of domestic COVID-19 cases, Mayor Ko Wen-je presided over the Taipei City Pandemic Prevention Press Conference on May 3. He pointed out that up to this point, the strategy for containing the virus has been satisfactory. However, rolling adjustment should be maintained, and loopholes should be fixed upon notice. The city government’s decision is to continue enforcing the Fall-Winter COVID-19 Prevention Program and will make necessary changes depending on actual development.
Deputy Mayor Huang Shan-shan explained that according to the latest updates from the Taiwan Center for Disease Control, there are currently 252 individuals under quarantine in Taipei, which sets a new record. After receiving information on contact tracking, the city government has conducted comprehensive disinfection for the places visited by the confirmed cases.
Regarding the quarantine hotels, Deputy Superintendent Huang Tsun-cheng of Taipei City Hospital remarked that in addition to the routine monthly checkups, the city government invited over 100 retired medical works to form a special task force back in February under the instructions of the mayor and deputy mayor. With each team consisting of 3 members, the task force carried out inspections of the 104 registered quarantine hotels. As of today, inspections have been completed and all cited issues have been addressed within 3 days of official notice.
Chief Yu of the Disease Control Division under the Department of Health pointed out that the quarantine period for individuals on the list extends for 14 days after possible contact with confirmed cases. Regarding the tracks of cases 1134 and 1136, disinfection operation has been completed before May 2 for the mass transit stations and convenience store mentioned by the media.
The mayor noted that it is hard to say when the main shipment of COVID-19 vaccines will arrive, though probably not in the foreseeable future. He believes that the ultimate answer to COVID-19 are the vaccines, but without the vaccines it is important to maintain the past approach and to strictly adhere to the SOPs. He reminds citizens to continue wearing face masks and emphasize that real-name registration for indoor activities will be enforced.
Deputy Mayor Huang stressed that events will be called off only if the city reaches the first stage of community spread. Since this is not the case so far, the city government will enforce the guidelines established under the Fall-Winter COVID-19 Prevention Program. With the approach of Mother’s Day weekend, she indicated that the majority of outdoor events have implemented the face mask and no eating/drinking rules. Nonetheless, she instructed the Department of Civil Affairs to monitor guideline implementation at related activities.