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City Offers Job Training Course for Future Caretakers

Students attending class on caregivingNoticing trends such as low birthrates and aging society, the population projection report published by the National Development Council expects Taiwan to become a super-aged society in 2025, where 1 out of every 5 individuals is a senior aged 65 or above. By 2034, over half of the nation’s population will be 50 years old or above.
Foreseeing a rise in the demand for caretakers, the Ministry of Health and Welfare announced in 2018 that the salary for fulltime home care workers starts at NT$32k and command an hourly pay of no less than NT$200. Labor Commissioner Chen Hsin-yu remarked that the Taipei City Vocational Development Institute (VDI) has established the “Home Care Works Online Training and Intern Program” to meet the demand of those interested in a potential career in caregiving.
Chen pointed out that the program’s application deadline is March 31. To apply, simply summit the necessary forms online at the following website: https://web.bola.taipei/apply/. Those who successfully registered will need to attend an interview session at VDI on April 8. Those who pass the interview are eligible to take evening and weekend classes between May 13 through June 8.
According to the commissioner, an aging society will have increasing demand for long-term care personnel. Those seeking a change in their career track are welcome to explore related possibilities. For starters, prospective caretakers can study via the Long-term Care Professional Personnel Digital Learning Platform (https://ltc-learning.org/mooc/) and can obtain digital certificate after watching the online materials. They can combine the learning experience with hands-on courses at VDI on weekends and afterwork hours to obtain their course-completion certificate.
VDI pointed out that those interested should take this opportunity to apply for the program. For more information on the course or registration, please call the agency (TEL: 02-28721940) or visit the agency's Chinese website (https://www.tvdi.gov.taipei).