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Mayor Attends 2022 Electric Appliance Fair

Mayor and guests at the 2022 Electric Appliance FairThe 2022 Electric Appliance Fair kicked-off at Hall 1 of the Taipei World Trade Center on November 4. The event is organized by the Taipei Electrical Commercial Association. 


During his speech at the opening ceremony, Mayor Ko Wen-je thanked the association for serving as the communication channel between the government and industry players. The organization is also experienced in exercising its knowhow to help expand both domestic and international electrical appliances market to stimulate the economy and increase profit for the merchants. 


Ko pointed out the fourth quarter is the season seeing high demand for electrical appliances. Many companies also introduce new products during this period. Since this year’s Electric Appliance Fair takes place at the same time as the Double 11 and anniversary sales, he calls upon residents to come to the show and do their one-stop-shopping for electrical appliances at the exhibition.


The mayor also talked about the ratification of the Self-governing Regulations on Net Zero Emission by 2050 in June. City agencies are still working on implementation details, and one of the areas involves the promotion of energy-saving home appliances. He believes that the details of the zero-emission measures will be published in January, which covers domains spanning building codes to carbon emission requirements for energy-saving home appliance.


To encourage the replacement of old home appliances with energy-saving versions, Taipei City Government is providing subsidies for this purpose between July 18 and November 30. With a maximum of NT$3,000 subsidy for each qualified home appliance, there is also a tax refund of up to NT$2,000 from the central government. For Bravo voucher winners, the savings can be fairly significant when it comes to buying energy-saving and environmentally-friendly replacements.