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Live Cam Presents Taipei Scenes in 4K

A view of Taipei from the live camDue to the impact of COVID-19, tourism and travel have undergone significant changes. The importance of smart travel and internet technology have risen, and numerous cities around the world are providing live streaming of city scenes, allowing individuals who cannot visit in person to “experience” these locations.
The Department of Information and Tourism (TPEDOIT) introduced the “View of Taipei from Elephant Mountain – 4k Live Streaming” on June 30. The service, which bypasses physical barriers, seeks to bring beautiful real-time scenes of Taipei to audience around the world, hoping to attract more tourists to the city.
The video on the dedicated Youtube channel is captured with 4K camera placed along the Elephant Mountain (Xiangshan) Hiking Trail. The panoramic scene encompasses a large part of Taipei Basin, allowing viewers to enjoy the blue sky, setting sun, or neon lights of the city (depending on the time of the day).
TPEDOIT Commissioner Liu Yi-ting noted that Elephant Mountain is one of the places which locals visit for its view and an ideal spot for photo enthusiast to capture great scenes of the city. However, the quasi-lockdown has forced people to spend more time at home than the great outdoors. Employing high resolution camera and 5G technology, the city government brings the beautiful scenes online to allow more people to enjoy it during these challenging times.
Those interested can visit Taipei Travel Live Cam on Youtube to experience the mesmerizing view around the clock. In addition, viewers on their computer can choose to replay scenes from 8 to 12 hours ago, as well as interacting with other users around the world through chat.
To access the channel, please select one of the following links:
Time-lapse photography from live Image scenes: