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Yongle Market Gets Facelift, Sports Modern Look

Mayor Ko Wen-je paid a visit to Yongle Market on the last day of 2015. He inspected the renovations transforming a market boasting 30 years of history. The project was carried out under the guidance of Market Administration Office (MAO).

Ko noted that the easiest way to learn about a city is through visiting its traditional markets. These facilities not only offer local food materials, but also allow visitors to immerse themselves in the culture and bustling vibe of the city.

Being one of the top tourist attractions of Taipei, the Yongle Market underwent a comprehensive overhaul in 2015 to upgrade its infrastructure. MAO educated stall owners on the right attitude toward doing business, as well as renovating the building to create a more pleasant environment for shoppers.

The refurbished Yongle Market has seen its old utility pipelines replaced, walls repainted, air-conditioning equipment renewed, walkways redesigned, and stall location rearranged to separate vendors selling general goods from those offering fresh meat and produce.

The marketplace has also received three-star rating from Central Region Office of the Ministry of Economic Affairs in the “LOHAS Traditional Market Competitiveness Boost Program,” while five stalls in the market claimed the honor of LOHAS Fame.

The effort is part of MAO’s initiative to enhance the hygiene of Taipei’s public retail markets in 2015, which focuses on implementing the “dry/wet goods separation” and “keeping garbage off the ground” policies at over 34 markets. The initiative also seeks to enforce spot checks on market management, help markets apply for the scale label certified by Bureau of Standards, Metrology, and Inspection, and improve price transparency.