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2016 Good ‘Luck’ Bat Activity to Take Place This Weekend

The Animal Protection Office (APO) is collaborating with the Bat Conservation Society of Taipei to organize the “2016 Good ‘Luck’ Bat Activity at the agency this Sunday!
For the event, the organizers invited French sound artist Yannick to share with the audience a work comprising voices of nature, urban life, and industrial parks with the noises made by bats. There will also be talk shows on bat habitats and tips on how to observe bats, allowing visitors to obtain more knowledge on the bats of Taipei.
According to the agency, bats are usually active at the turn of the season with temperatures rising. The best time to observe bat activities are during dawn and dusk, when they are out seeking preys.
The event will start at 2:30 PM on Sunday, April 24. APO reminds those interested should sign up online for the event.
For more information or registration, please visit the website of the Bat Conservation Society of Taipei (http://www.batinfo.org)(Chinese).