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DOT: Parking Queue No Longer Tolerated for Roads Surrounding Neihu Costco

To tackle traffic congestion issue for roads in the vicinity of Costco Neihu Store, the Department of Transportation (DOT) invited related agencies and representatives from businesses to work on possible solutions on March 7.
Based on principles established by the Road Traffic Safety Meetings in recent years regarding traffic maintenance plans, businesses and department stores are no longer allowed to let car queues waiting for empty space take up lanes on surrounding roadways when the respective store parking lots are full.
It is now mandatory for businesses owners to hire traffic management personnel to inform drivers about the new directive and/or guide vehicles to other parking lots. The Police Department will also forcefully remove queued vehicles to ensure the rights of other road users.
Starting March 12, DOT will remove the traffic cones lining the outer lanes on Jiuzong Road and Minquan E. Road. Traffic police will crack down on vehicles queuing up for parking spaces inside the parking lot of Costco, and violators will be prosecuted.
Signs warning drivers not to wait in line for parking inside Costco will be posted at carpark entrances of malls and big-box retailers in the vicinity. Drivers are reminded not to queue up on public roads and encouraged to look for parking spaces at other parking lots in the area.