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DOL: Employers Should Determine Make-up Holiday for Labor Day

With Labor Day in 2016 falling on a Sunday, the Department of Labor (DOL) reminds businesses and employers in Taipei City to determine a make-up holiday to avoid violating the Enforcement Rules of the Labor Standards Act.
According to Article 23-1 of the Enforcement Rules of the Labor Standards Act, a make-up holiday shall be given when the holiday in question falls on a day which employees need not to attend work.
As May 1, 2016 falls on a Sunday, companies and businesses with employees not required to work on holidays should implement the make-up holiday on the next working day or on another date based on negotiations with workers.
For employees with predetermined shift schedules, the company should announce the make-up holiday for Labor Day to the respective workers beforehand to avoid misunderstanding.
For workers receiving hourly wages, those working on Labor Day should be paid according to holiday rates. The amount should be NT$240 (NT$120 x 2) per hour to fulfill the requirements of labor regulations.