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[Level 3 COVID Alert] MRT Stations Disinfected, New Guidelines for TRTC Staff

Soldiers disinfecting the ticket vending machine inside a MRT stationThe MRT network continues to undergo disinfection process on May 26. Taipei Rapid Transit Corporation (TRTC) would like to express its gratitude to the Army’s 333 Chemical Corps for performing the work at train stations along both the Wenhu and Tamsui-Xinyi lines. The company also announced the new “Three Separations” and “Three No’s” guidelines for its staff.
The soldiers from the 333 Chemical Corps carried out decontamination at MRT stations along the following sections: MRT Xiangshan Station to MRT Xinyi Anhe Station; MRT Daan Park Station to MRT Dongmen Station; MRT Guandu Station to MRT Shuanglian Station; MRT Nangang Software Station to MRT Songshan Airport Station; and MRT Taipei Zoo Station to MRT Zhongshan Junior High School Station. 
The disinfection efforts were focused on areas such as station entrances, lobby, ticket booths, station platforms, corridors, restrooms, and stairways.
Regarding the “Three Separations” principle, TRTC will strictly enforce of separated shifts, separate management of sectors, and separate lines of flow. Movement, contact, and conversation among staff belonging under different groups will be minimized to lower the chances of contagion.
The “Three No’s” guideline stresses no conversation, no eating or drinking together, and no close proximity. The company will ban gathering in groups and discourage conversation. When talking is necessary, rules on face mask and social distancing must be followed. Exchanges should take place electronically if possible. Equipment and gears handed over to others must first go through disinfection. Dining space will emphasize single occupancy with separation boards installed.
Company staff will also observe guidelines such as face mask, temperature-taking, and washing hands frequently. Office space will have windows and doors open to increase ventilation, and staff members will be encouraged to stay home after work to minimize chances of contracting the virus.