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The 2024 Disaster Prevention Calendar

The Taipei City Fire Department and the Taipei Zoo have cooperrated to jointly plan the the 2024 Disaster Prevention Calendar for the first time . Well-known illustrators such as Ciaos Tseng, Cedar Leaves , LittleCircle, and HelloTaiwan, incorporated the animals’ characteristics and habits, creatively transforming them into brave and professional firefighters to present 12 lively and interesting disaster prevention stories. It aimed at promoting various disaster prevention concepts and raising public awareness of ecological conservation. The Taipei City Fire Department held a press conference at the Taipei Zoo to unveil the 2024 Disaster Prevention Calendar today at 10:30 am. At the live event, firefighters, along with the animal mascots, walked the runway to showcase the monthly calendars, and invited the whole family to join in the cute animal party to celebrate Christmas in advance.


The Fire Department indicates that the disaster prevention calendar is structured around various firefighting tasks for each of the 12 months, presented in the format of missions undertaken by an animal firefighting squad. For example, the "Pangolin," with its expertise in digging and hunting, parallels the precision and braveness of the city's search and rescue teams delving into collapsed buildings to rescue victims of earthquake disasters. The "Owl's" exceptional eyesight mirrors the sharp observational skills required by fire investigators to determine the causes of fires in the   charred scene. The cute "King Penguin," is similar to a firefighter rescuing drowning person with its nimble swimming ability. The pronunciation of "Leopard Cat(石虎)" resembles "guardian(守護)," in Mandarin symbolizing emergency medical technicians who tirelessly guard the lives of Taipei citizens around the clock.


Furthermore, in order to break through the limitations and framework of the flat calendar, there are Easter eggs in this calendar. While enjoying the artistic creations for each month, by scanning the QR code on the calendar, an engaging disaster prevention audiobook will be accessible. In addition to visually appreciating the painting creation of each mouth, participants can also hear the interactions among the animal firefighting team, showcasing their teamwork and cooperation in the face of disasters. This not only provides a relaxed way for families to immerse in the situation and learn about disaster prevention, but also offers insights into animal behaviors and habitat conservation. Through this disaster prevention calendar, the aim is to promote correct concepts of disaster prevention and conservation, protecting our shared home with animals.


This creative disaster prevention calendar is only available as a giveaway and not for sale. For those who wish to collect it, individuals can participate in a lottery and completing a disaster prevention quiz on the Taipei City Fire Department's Facebook fan page (facebook.com/119.Taipei ) from December 8th at 11:00 AM until December 11th at 5:00 PM (GMT+8). There's a chance to win one calendar per person, and the limited quantity is available until supplies last. For more information, please visit the Fire Department's website and fan page to stay updated on the details of the event. Additionally, the electronic version is available for download on the Fire Department's website (119.gov.taipei) or the Taipei City Disaster Information website (eoc.gov.taipei ).