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Guilin Road-Kunming Street Intersection to Test Pedestrian Scramble

Taipei City Traffic Engineering Office (TEO) announced that it will test pedestrian scramble measures for the crossing at the intersection of Guiling Road and Kunming Street in Wanhua District.
The one-month-long project will last from March 17 to April 16.
The agency explained that the close vicinity of the intersection to Lao-song Elementary School result in busy pedestrian and traffic flow – especially during the opening and closing time of school. During the project period, TEO will evaluate the effectiveness and take note of possible improvements needed for further implementations.
To minimize traffic hazards for students, TEO will implement pedestrian scramble during selected times (7:20 am – 7:50 am, 12 noon – 12:30 pm, and 4 pm – 4:30 pm).
According to TEO, the agency will adjust traffic lights at the intersection and install new signs to notify pedestrians and drivers about the measure.