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Mayor Presides over Press Conference for Taipei Energy Hill

On February 17, Mayor Ko Wen-je presided over the press conference for the inauguration of Taipei Energy Hill. He noted that a nuclear-free homeland is a vision, but must not remain a slogan and needs to be implemented and realized.
The mayor noted that Taipei Energy Hill used to be a landfill comprising 3 hectares. With 8,000 solar power panels installed over a 3-month period starting September last year, the facility began power generation on January 10. As of today, the facility has generated 153,000 kWh of solar power. On the first half of the day, the facility has already provided 3,010 kWh.
He added that the city government will continue to implement green energy modes in the future. With private companies providing funding and city government providing land, the public-private partnership will jointly stimulate the development of sustainable and green energy in Taipei. The Taipei Energy Hill can be considered as the nation’s first large scale solar power plant.
At the end of his address, Ko expressed his gratitude to those who contributed to the creation of Taipei Energy Hill. The entire implementation process took only several months, bearing witness to the city government’s efficiency. In the future, facilities for leisure, entertainment, and education will be added, making Taipei Energy Hill a new tourist attraction.
Responding to media questions about the distribution of electricity produced by the project between the partners, Ko reiterated that the City provides the land and Tatung Corporation invests capital. The electricity produced at the site is sold to Taipower. Under the agreement, the city government receives a rebate equivalent to 10-percent of the total electricity generated.