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Domain Application ‘.taipei’ Now Open to Local Companies

To promote the “.taipei” top-level domain (TLD) registry service, Taipei City Government announced the implementation of “Greater Taipei Sunrise Period” between June 16 and July 17. Businesses and trademark owners registered in Taipei and New Taipei cities will receive a 20-percent discount off registration fees for domain name “www.____.taipei” application during this period.
Enterprises or trademark owners registered in the greater Taipei area are encouraged to seize the opportunity to secure a unique TLD of their own to prevent others from beating them to it.
To apply, individuals should submit completed application documents to the ‘.taipei’ registry agency (http://www.nic.taipei/registrar.html). Should there happen to be two or more applications for the same domain name during the Greater Taipei Sunrise Period, the successful applicant will be decided through bidding. This approach marks the first of its kind on the island to resolve the domain name dispute.
The Department of Information Technology pointed out that securing a unique website domain name in place is vital to successful branding of a company or product. It also serves as an important weapon to avoid brand or trademark infringement in the online world.
For more information, please visit (http://www.nic.taipei/eng/index.html), write to service@nic.taipei or contact +886-2-25311330.