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Senior Talent Recruitment Station Opens at East Metro Hall

The Employment Services Office (ESO) inaugurated the City’s “Senior Talent Recruitment Station” at East Metro Hall near MRT Zhongxiao Dunhua Station on October 30.
The facility provides services spanning career counselling, resume writing advice, interview tips, and job opportunity matching.
During her address, Department of Labor Commissioner Lai Hsiang-lin noted that the city government has endeavored to implement policies to engage senior workforce at a time when Taiwan is confronted with the challenges of population aging. Adopting the slogan of “One More Chance,” the campaign seeks to encourage corporations to recruit the elderly and offer them a second chance to exert their potentials.
ESO Director Yu Su-chen also urged the private industry to make the most use of the senior labor force, stressing that the workers possess professionalism, rich experience, and connections. What they lack is a chance to shine again in the workplace, Yu reckoned.
Yu added that the City will establish a “Senior Talent Advisor Group” in the future, seeking to assist older workers on career planning and finding new directions in life. Enterprises can also draw on the expertise of the Group to improve company management and job redesign.
For more information, visit https://www.okwork.taipei (Chinese) or call 02-2308-5231.