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City Invites Public Opinion on Tianmu Parks Revitalization

For the first time, the regeneration of Taipei’s parks will be implemented through public participation!
Parks and Street Lights Office (PSLO) announced that Tianhe Park and Tianhe Park No.1 at Tianmu area will undergo revitalization adopting opinions from the public, civil groups, experts, and scholars. The consensus of locals should be reached before any plans are to be carried out.
PSLO pointed out that the plan to breathe new life into the two parks was launched to realize the goal of 2016 Design Capital as Taipei seeks to transform old parks into the “second-generation parks.” The parks boast city-designated historical heritage Fanjing Spring and the ecological system of Yuchaokeng River.
The city government plans to preserve the historical and cultural traits of the parks while bolstering their image as places with abundant flora and avian habitats. The invigoration effort also involves river ecological restoration and tree health inspection.
According to PSLO, Tianmu residents have expressed great interest in the regeneration of Tianhe and Tianhe No.1 parks. The agency invited those interested to visit the website dedicated to the project: http://pkl.gov.taipei/np.asp?ctNode=85909&mp=106011 (Chinese), which will provide information regarding meeting minutes, design details, and other follow-up events about the project.
To voice your opinion, please contact db-cherry@mail.taipei.gov.tw / 02-23815132, ext. 33 or hsiaoying@skyedesignstudio.com / 02-77303677