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Bravo, Incrediville Chief Join Hands to Unveil New MRT Train Wrap

Bravo and Incrediville chief at the press conference for the wrapped trainsThe city government’s mascot Bravo Bear appeared with the Chief of Incrediville at the press conference unveiling the electricity-saving mission MRT train wrap!
From today through October 15, trains with the special collaboration train wrap will operate on both Tamsui-Xinyi Line and Bannan Line. Commuters can look forward to learning more about the art and knowledge on how to reduce power consumption.
The second through fourth cabinets of the wrapped train highlight the concepts of “household power-saving”, “Office power-saving”, and “outdoor carbon reduction.” Riders can also learn minor facts about how to save electricity. Hopefully, the medieval art-flavored prints will provide the public with innovative ideas on how to reduce power consumption.
Commissioner Liu Yi-ting pointed out that in light of the continuing rise of power consumption around the world, the city government introduced numerous measures to deal with the issue, including subsidies for replacing older appliances with newer, energy-saving ones, electricity consumption reduction contest for the summer months, and community power-saving implementation subsidies. These policies have successfully helped the city to reduce power consumption.
Furthermore, during the first month of the collaboration event (July 16 through August 15), the event organizers will hold the “Find the Power-eating Monster” contest. Simply locate the five power-gobbling monsters hidden in the train carriage and upload them to the activity website (https://feversocial.com/humansoftaipei/event-15230) to win a free ice cream coupon! Only 1,000 coupons are available, so act fast!