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MRT Ximen Station Platform to Air PLUS Norino’s Theme Song November 11

Train platform at MRT Ximen StationTaipei Rapid Transit Corporation (TRTC) collaborated with Japanese Stationary Company PLUS to substitute the standard train arrival melody at the Blue Line’s platform in MRT Ximen Station with the theme song of the company’s glue tape product “norino” for one day (November 11).  


The one-day replacement is an idea proposed by the stationary company, hoping to take advantage of the large crowd flow at the MRT station to promote sales and visibility of the norino glue tape during the “Double 11” online shopping campaign. 


The staff of TRTC experimented with and tweaked the station platform’s broadcast system to ensure that the melody can be heard in optimal condition. After numerous adjustments and fine-tuning, the staff is confident that commuters will notice the light and playful tune as the train enters the station.


In May 2022, TRTC joined force with a renowned local oral hygiene company to temporary replace the train arrival melody for MRT Blue Line and MRT Green Line with the brand’s theme song. The success of the previous campaign led to the current collaboration with PLUS. 


In recent years, TRTC has been exploring business possibilities ranging from online shopping to digital advertisement. It works with clients to implement creative ideas and marketing knowhow to make commercials across the MRT network more diversified and vibrant. 


For details on potential promotion campaign and advertisement collaborations with TRTC, please visit the following Chinese website (Link).