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2016 Taipei Hiking Trail Eco Tour to Take Place Starting May 21

To bring the public closer to the hiking trails across Taipei City, the Geotechnical Engineering Office (GEO) will be holding a series of eco tours for a number of selected hiking trails in the months of May, June, August, and September.
GEO suggests that the public can take some free time to visit the outdoors and experience the biodiversity along these trails, strengthening their knowledge about conservation of forests and mountains.
This year, the agency is introducing eco-tours for several hiking trails, including Fengwei Trail, Xiazhulin Trail, 120 Highland Trail near Hushan Fengtian Temple, and Maokong Tea Fragrance Circle Trail. Those who sign up for the entire tour will receive a souvenir, with each tour offering different souvenirs!
Chief Ting of GEO’s Industrial and Trail Section announced that the first eco tour at Fengwei Trail will take place on May 21. The trail, located in the valley between Shibafen Industrial Road and Fengwei bus stop, used to be a common farmers’ trail frequented by residents of Dinghu for traveling to and from Yangmingshan area.
There is a total of 300 openings for the eco tour on May 21. Registration for the event begins on May 6. Please call (02) 2302-5265 or visit the Chinese websites of Taiwan Nature Trail Society (http://nature.ngo.org.tw) or GEO (www.tcge.taipei.gov.tw) for registration.