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Taipei City Public Participation Net Goes Live

The Department of Information Technology (DOIT) has joined hands with the Research, Development and Evaluation Commission (RDEC) to establish the “Taipei City Public Participation Net” (http://civil.gov.taipei) Chinese website, allowing the public to gain more insight into city administration.
Through this new website, visitors will be able to access information spanning progress report on policies having been implemented, meetings which involve the participation of citizens, budget overview, visions set out by various agencies, and more.
Citizens will have no difficulty in searching for information on the location, agenda, and minutes of meetings in which public members attended. Highlights of Mayor Ko’s policies, city forum, law database, and other topics concerning administrative affairs can also be easily accessed.
According to RDEC Chairperson Chu Chao-hsiang, a series of mechanisms have been put in place to involve the public in politics and budget planning, as well as making government data available to the mass over the past year.
The launch of Taipei City Public Participation Net marks a step forward towards Mayor Ko’s administrative objective of open government.