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Huazhong Dog Park Opens to the Public

APO director and guests at the opening ceremony for the Huazhong Dog ParkDirector Cheng Ying-hao of Animal Protection Office (APO) presided over the launching ceremony for the new Huazhong Dog Park on November 6. This is the second dog park in Wanhua District.


Located next to the Huazhong Riverside Park’s tennis court, the activity area for furry friends takes up roughly 1,186 square meters. With segregated sections for large and small dogs, the entire zone is surrounded by fences. In addition to the typical setup such as double gate system, park bench, leash pole, dog waste bag dispenser, trash can, and wash basin, there are also facilities such as wavy trail, bridge, and sign stand. 


The goal of establishing at least one dog park for each of Taipei’s 12 administrative districts will be achieved by the end of this year. Director Cheng also took this opportunity to invite the public to the opening ceremony for the next dog park – Zhongshan Meiti Dog Park – on November 13. 


The Huazhong Dog Park is the 18th exercise field for canines to be completed this year. The organizer invited singer CORAL to perform the song ‘Love for Furry Friends’ at the ceremony. There were also fun contests for dogs and dog owners, allowing them to experience the convenience of the new facility. 


APO calls upon dog owners accessing the facility to exercise responsible use of park resources, leash their dogs upon leaving, and adopt adequate protection measures to ensure the safety of their pets. 


It also reminds pet owners that they can take the dog-friendly Route 12 public bus to Huazhong Dog Park on weekends and holidays. 


For more information on exercise fields for furry friends, please visit the official Chinese website of APO ([Link]) or its Facebook fan page ([Link]).