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Four YouBike Stations near Presidential Office to Temporarily Suspend Services

In light of the Inauguration Ceremony and Celebrations for the 14th President and Vice President of the ROC on May 20, services at four YouBike rental stations near the Presidential Office Building will be temporarily suspended starting 10 PM on May 19.

The affected YouBike rental stations are as follows:

1. University of Taipei: 10 PM (May 19) – 1 PM (May 20)

2. MRT NTU Hospital Station: 6:30 AM (May 20) – 1 PM (May 20)

3. National Library: 9 AM (May 20) – 1 PM (May 20)

4. MRT Xiaonanmen Station: 9 AM (May 20) – 1 PM (May 20)

The Department of Transportation also reminds members of the public who plan to attend the presidential inauguration to take public transportation to avoid likely traffic jams.