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Mayor Visits Rongbin Commercial District, Promotes CNY Dinner One-stop Shop

Mayor Visits Rongbin Commercial District, Promotes CNY Dinner One-stop ShopAccompanied by the staff from the Department of Economic Development and Markets Administration Office, Mayor Ko Wen-je visited Rongbin Commercial District on February 11.
The mayor wished local merchants and shoppers an early Happy Chinese New Year. He noted that with only a few days left till Chinese New Year’s Eve, many households are preparing for their respective Chinese New Year’s Eve dinner.
During his address at the sales event, the mayor praised the marketplace for its vast choice of Chinese New Year goods – from dried produce to specialty ingredients. Being one of the most important festivals in Chinese culture, preparation for the meal is a very serious matter. The advantage of Rongbin Commercial District is the wide variety of selections that allows shoppers to pick up what they need in one place.
As a part of the event, Ko joined an Italian cuisine chef in preparing an exotic dish using local ingredients. He noted that it is important to try out innovations, as well as bringing people from the younger generations to the marketplace and purchase local produce.
Ko also presided over a quiz event and raffle-drawing activity, picking out the winner of rare ingredients worth up to NT$10,000. He also handed out prosperity red envelopes to shoppers, wishing every one good luck and fortune in the Year of the Dog.