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DCMS Promotes Enlistment Planning at NTU

DCMS holds seminar on enlistment planning at NTULed by Commissioner Lee Jih-an, staff members from the Department of Compulsory Military Service (DCMS) arrived at National Taiwan University (NTU) to hold a seminar on military service commitment and planning for students attending national defense policies class on March 1.


To ensure the rights of young men and to help them plan ahead after the reinstatement of the 1-year-long compulsory military service, Mayor Chiang Wan-an requested Commissioner Lee to promote the latest policy changes to high school, vocational school, and college students by visiting the respective campuses.


Commissioner Lee remarked that starting on January 1, 2024, the duration of compulsory military service for males born in 2005 or later will be extended from four-month-long to one year. The major shift in the policy has been the focus of public attention.


During the seminar, the speakers from DCMS talked about the enlistment procedure and covered topics including guidelines for deferments, summer training programs, rules for traveling abroad, and impact for fulltime students enrolled at schools.


Director Tsai Pei-shiue of NTU’s Student Safety Center expressed his gratitude to the agency for arranging the session to allow students to obtain more details on policy and compulsory military service. DCMS staff also took the opportunity to answer questions from students, conducted a quiz game and gave away prizes.