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APO to Upgrade Taipei Cats and Dogs School to Taipei Furry Friend Academy

Poster for the institution's summer season classesEstablished 8 years ago by the Animal Protection Office (APO), the Taipei Cats and Dogs School remains a popular choice for learning for residents with pets. Each year, the institution offers classes through community colleges and Taipei e-Campus, educating students on the basics of taking care of cats and dogs.

However, for the upcoming summer and fall season programs, the agency will expand the list of classes to include those touching on pets that aren’t cats and dogs – such as mice, rabbits, and birds. The Taipei Cats and Dogs School will also be upgraded to Taipei Furry Friends Academy.

According to the agency, pets kept by residents at home have become more and more diversified over the years. That is why the summer and fall programs will also offer classes on how to take care of small mammals and birds. The institution has invited vets from Brave Vet Exotic Animal Veterinary Hospital and Amazon Exotic Animal Hospital to lead classes on pet keeping techniques for animals such as hamsters, martens, porcupines, and birds. Experts from National Taiwan University Veterinary Hospital will also share their knowledge on afflictions and diseases commonly seen among rodents and birds, as well as how to look after ones that are sick.

This year’s program on cats and dogs will continue to take place in summer and fall. Instructors from PThinking, Let’s Dog Full Potential Development Center, and Cat Chat will educate participants on knowhow ranging from cat and dog behaviors to the fundamentals on diseases and prevention measures. The highly popular class on pet behavior training will be available at Wanhua Community College, including two class sessions this fall.

APO stressed that summer classes will begin on July 17 and fall classes will kick-off on September 4. For standard classes, those interested can sign up directly with the respective community colleges. For the more interactive and dynamic classes requiring participation of both owners and their pets, individuals will have to fill out an online registration and survey form beforehand (Summer program: https://forms.gle/93jYHvqtf4gDHYHb9 ; Fall program: https://forms.gle/341QsAKTmNGVKLfx5). Each of these classes has only 12 openings, and prospective students will have to pass an initial round of screening. For those who are unable to physically attend the classes, they can register via Taipei e-Campus and participate online.