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TRTC Inaugural Micro Movie Screenplay Call for Entry Exceeds Quota – Top Screenplay Unveiled

Winners of the TRTC Movie Screenplay Call Contest Taipei Rapid Transit Corporation (TRTC) is catching onto the micro movie hipster trend! The inaugural micro movie lecture and award ceremony was held at the Square No. 3 of the Underground Book Street from 14:30 to 16:30 on Saturday, October 26.

This year’s Taipei Metro micro movie screenplay call for entry was inspired by the theme of Be with You. The event received a total of 1,884 outstanding original screenplays within 2 months. As TRTC’s first foray into the field of micro movies, its first-ever micro movie screenplay call for entry was a huge success, attracting the attention and support of many interested parties, with submissions coming from distinguished names in the film and entertainment industry.

TRTC has collaborated with Liu Chang-hao, director Kurt Lu, screenwriter Wen Yu-fang, director Lin Chih-hung, and Chu Chun-yang to determine the first screenwriter to be cultivated by Taipei Metro based on the selection criteria of screenplay creativity, influence, and feasibility. In the future, the company will endeavor to support the micro movie industry; besides providing funding for the winner to adapt the screenplay into a micro movie, it is hoped that the images portrayed by the winning creation will convey a positive influence to the public, encouraging more people to create delightful lifestyles that are exclusively theirs by persisting in the spirit of magnificence and safety.

2019 is the year when Taipei’s MRT system broke the 10 billionth mark in ridership, and it is also the year of a total brand upgrade for Taipei Metro. The philosophy of Be with You for the screenplay call for entry embodies the value of friendship being conveyed by TRTC; furthermore, the emotions and ideas of the winning screenplay will be adapted into a micro movie to share with everyone the story of living with MRT.

From June 17 to August 16 this year, the Be with You theme and spirit was adopted to host the inaugural micro movie screenplay call for entry event. In addition to a cash prize for the winner, TRTC also plans to adapt the winning screenplay into a micro movie, thereby making the story of MRT an integral part of every passenger’s unforgettable journey. At the same time, to encourage more outstanding creators to unleash their potential across the world, TRTC will continue to contribute towards the cultural and creative industry, hoping to make the Taipei Metro Micro Movie Screenplay into a stage where creators may materialize their dreams.

For further information, please refer to the event official website (https://ssl.metro.taipei/micromovie2019/) or the TRTC website (https://www.metro.taipei/), or contact the TRTC’s 24-hour customer service hotline (02) 218-12345 and 1999 Taipei Citizen Hotline (for callers outside of Taipei, please dial 02-27208889).