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Thank-you Ceremony for Enhanced Quarantine Hotels, Medical Staff Members

Mayor Ko at the Thank-you ceremony for medical teams and enhanced quarantine hotel workersMayor Ko Wen-je attended the “Thank-you Ceremony for Enhanced Quarantine Hotel and Medical Team” on July 19.
He expressed his gratitude to the individuals from medical and pharmacists’ associations, enhanced quarantine hotels, pandemic prevention volunteer squads, and drive-thru test sites, as well as members of the armed force, for playing a key role in pandemic control. Their efforts allow society and citizens to slowly return to their normal daily life.
During his address, the mayor pointed out that the Chientan Youth Activity Center was declared a quarantine hotel on March 24, 2020. He thanked the staff of China Youth Corps for manning the facility and providing accommodation for people testing positive in an era when no COVID-19 vaccine was available. The center was later designated as an “Enhanced Quarantine Hotel 2.0” and continued to take in confirmed patients. 
Noticing a recent rise of COVID-19 infections in western and neighboring countries, Ko stressed that the city government is following the development of the pandemic in Europe, US, Japan, Korea, and Singapore, and will adjust related policies if necessary. This was the approach that helped Taipei City weather the storm back in May. Approaches such as the establishment of COVID-19 emergency clinics and drive-thru test sites were adopted after studying the earlier outbreak in Hong Kong. As for the next wave of potential COVID-19 variants, the mayor explained that more observation time is required to assess the situation.
With monkey pox also raising alarms across the globe, Ko remarked that the world continues to face new challenges from contagious diseases, but he is thankful that there are always people who are willing to step forward and carry the necessary burdens. That is why he wishes to take this opportunity to express his gratitude to these workers, as well as those who remain unnamed but contribute no less than their peers.