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Taxi Drivers to be Fined 9,000 to 90,000 for Overcharge on New Year’s Eve

In light of past incidents where taxi drivers were found to overcharge customers on New Year’s Eve, Public Transportation Office (PTO) warns taxi service providers that such an act will incur a fine between NT$9,000 and NT$90,000 according to Highway Act.
PTO pointed out that passengers taking the cab during nighttime hours (11 PM to 6 AM) on New Year’s Eve will have to pay an extra NT$20 in addition to the fare shown on the taximeter plus the surcharge indicated on the fare chart publicized by the authorities if the cab uses the old version meter.
However, if the cab has been installed with the new version meter, passengers shall only be charged according to the fare shown on the taximeter.
Should the public members encounter taxi drivers who violate the regulation, they are advised to refuse boarding the car and report to PTO or call 1999 Citizen Hotline by providing information of the cab’s registration plate number, name of the driver, as well as boarding time and location.