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City Teams up with Used Goods Donation Platform

On April 9, Mayor Ko Wen-je instructed 40 affiliates of Department of Social Welfare (DOSW) to participate in “Give543 (http://give543.com/).” The online platform is dedicated to the exchange of used goods.
DOSW will assist the website operator in delivering goods donated by government agencies or individuals to disadvantaged groups. The Department of Environmental Protection will also integrate its recycling service with the website – a move to demonstrate the government’s support for the innovative approach combining the principles of passion, welfare, and eco-friendliness.
According to Ko, Give543 is yet another example embodying his belief that social welfare business cannot be undertaken solely by the government; rather, successful execution requires the involvement of the private sector.
The website, Ko noted, provides a matchmaking platform through which people wishing to dispose of unwanted articles will be able to connect with those in need of such ware. The staff of Give543 will then contact logistic service providers to help deliver the goods to the recipients.
Ko added that DOSW plans to establish a time bank, food bank, and ‘goods’ bank respectively. He encourages the public to donate time (by participating in volunteer work), food (those with long storage life, such as milk powder), or used goods (such as office tables which are no longer needed) to the aforementioned banks.
He also promised financial backup from the city government for Give543, hoping that social welfare businesses will be more effectively carried out by private enterprises with limited monetary support from the government.