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Taipei’s ‘Highest’ Community Center Opens for Business

The new Hutian Community Center was inaugurated at 10 AM on June 2.
Situated near the Zhuzihu area in Yangmingshan, the location of the Hutian Community Center boasts the highest elevation among Taipei’s numerous community centers.
The opening ceremony, co-organized by the Beitou District Office and Hutian Borough Office, spotlighted a performance by the young members of the lion dance troupe from Hutian Elementary School.
Located on the site of the former shooting range for police and military personnel, the two-story structure was completed in May, 2015. According to borough chief Tsao Chang-cheng of Hutian Borough, the original intention was to construct a facility offering local residents a place to meet and conduct classes and discussions on community farm activities.
The construction cost of the building is approximately NT$11.98 million.
Beitou District Director Lee Mei-li pointed out that the community center will become a landmark structure during the calla lily season between February and May every year. During the off-seasons, the building will be used by locals as classrooms for a variety of courses. Following the relocation of the borough office, the building will also serve as a visitor information center for the Zhuzihu area and emergency evacuation facility.