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Stay Warm to Prevent Hearth Attack, Stroke during Cold Spells

In light of the sudden drop in temperature, the Department of Health (DOH) reminds the public to stay warm to minimize the risks of heart attack and stroke as a result of poor blood flow.       

DOH suggests that people adopt the following measures to keep warm and healthy in cold weather.
1. Put on clothing before getting out of bed. Ensure good blood circulation at all times. Wear gloves, socks, hats, and scarves when needed.
2. Maintain a balanced diet. Avoid heavily-flavored, high-cholesterol, and greasy food. Consume more vegetables, fruit, and whole grain food.
3. Exercise regularly. Do not attempt to go outdoors for exercise in cold weather. Warm up thoroughly before exercising.
4. Take your blood pressure on a regular basis. Patients with cardiovascular diseases should take medications and check their blood pressure within an hour after getting out of bed.
5. Get sufficient sleep to improve your immune system and avoid excessive drinking.
6. Avoid smoking or exposure to second-hand smoke.
7. When utilizing hot springs, patients with cardiovascular diseases and senior citizens should not remain in the bath for more than 15 minutes. After the soaking, do not leave the bath abruptly, or switch back-and-forth between hot and cold baths. Avoid personal baths; make sure you are accompanied at all times. Hot bath is not recommended immediately after meals or after alcohol consumption.

Individuals who develop the following symptoms should seek medical attention immediately:
- pain, tightness, or pressure in your chest;
- pain spreading to the arm; breathing difficulty;
- nausea, extreme fatigue;
- dizziness.   

DOH reminds residents to take advantage of the health monitoring stations at the city’s twelve administrative offices. With a Taipei Card or EasyCard, one can have his/her biological data taken and stored “on the cloud” to enable monitoring of his/her health status.   

For more information, please call 1999 Citizen Hotline, Extension 7115 or visit DOH website at http://health.gov.taipei (Chinese)