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Tips on Home Heating Safety during Cold Weather

With the arrival of cold spell this winter, residents are encouraged to exercise prudence from the purchase of home heaters to the usage of the equipment. The Fire Department (TFD) suggests “safety awareness” and “operation procedures” as tips to enjoying a warm environment during the Christmas holidays.
According to TFD, before reactivating a heater stored away since last winter, users should thoroughly clean the main body, vent, and electric cord of the machine to ensure that the majority of dust particles have been removed. Furthermore, inspecting the exterior of the machine for cracks and damages is important – especially be on the lookout for rat bite damages on the electric cord.
It is also important to note that electric heaters should be connected to outlets directly instead of extension cords, as the equipment is a device with high electricity consumption and should avoid sharing power supplies with other home appliances. If users notice any obvious ‘burnt’ smell during usage, they should immediately take the heater to the home appliance company for a checkup.
When considering the purchase of heaters, TFD suggests picking one with the BSMI (Bureau of Standard, Metrology, and Inspection) “arrow” mark. Consumers should also be aware of whether extra care is required for operations of the specific device, such as ensuring adequate ventilation for kerosene heaters or keeping heaters with quartz tube or ceramic plate parts away from combustible materials to minimize the risk of fires.
TFD reminds the public to read the instruction manual before using heaters – especially for families with kids or senior citizens, paying special attention to the warning listed to minimize chances for disasters.