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Taipei, Shanghai Officials Meet Virtually at 2022 Taipei-Shanghai City Forum

City officials at the 2022 Taipei-Shanghai ForumTo continue city administration exchanges, Taipei City and Shanghai City jointly hosted the 2022 Taipei-Shanghai City Forum on July 19.
Due to the limits on travel, the forum this year continues to take place in the form of a hybrid event merging online and physical aspects. The mayors of the two cities – Ko Wen-je and Gong Zheng – led their respective administrative in livestreamed discussions between the two sides.
The theme of this year’s forum is “Endurance, Sustainability, and Humanities.” The deputy mayors of the two cities presented speeches on the topics of carbon gas reduction and zero emission. The speakers shared how the two cities respond to the challenges presented by climate change and drastic weather. The organizers hope that the exchange will contribute to the global carbon emission reduction effort, helping future generations by creating a sustainable environment.
Furthermore, the 2022 Taipei-Shanghai Forum also saw the signing of memorandums by representatives of the two municipalities in areas spanning circular economy to smart transportation to go.
For circular economy, the two sides pledge to share their respective experiences in policy promotion and results obtained in the area on an irregular basis, as well as encouraging private sector collaborations. Taipei and Shanghai also look forward to sharing their experiences in the implementation of smart transportation policies and invite each other to take part in activities related to smart transportation. The two cities also expect to co-organizing go competitions and promote go instructor exchanges.